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Welcome to Solera, an oasis of pleasure and relaxation, mere moments from the bustle of Barangaroo.

The term 'solera' refers to a time-honoured method for blending and refining liquors. much like this process, the space is designed to bring people together from all walks of life – to interact, blend and enjoy each other’s company.

Our historic building has a rich pedigree, stretching back to Sydney’s early days. The young city’s first gas lamp was lit here in 1841, when the Millers Point Gasworks occupied this space. It brought light to the gloomy streets, sparking a new chapter in Sydney’s nightlife. We’re proud to be part of preserving and advancing this heritage.

So join us in raising a glass to the glories of the past, and to the pleasures of mixing with friends new and old. We hope you enjoy your time with us – life is short, so drink it in!